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Charlotte is my partner in adventure, and quite a remarkable girl.
Char is strong, motivated and full of courage. I think it's safe to say that there are very few women that would volunteer themselves for an undertaking like this, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have her by my side.

Char was done with education by the time she finished college at 18, and found herself a job with a local law firm. Starting out with a role of answering telephone and making photocopies, she made the phenomenal progression to fully qualified lawyer by the time she was 24.
It's difficult to articulate how much of an achievement this is, but suffice to say there are very few people who reach this position at this age. She worked flat out everyday in the office, and made time to complete an open university course in her spare time.

I met Char at a dinner party in 2006, at which point we started an unconventional and convoluted path together. Spending most of our free time together over the year or so before I left the UK, we became soul mates.
The planning and preparation for this trip was a partnership between Char and I. We did the research together, tested bikes and gear together and she was my mechanical wingman through much of the preparation.


Char did her CBT (compulsory basic training) bike test in 2006, and after riding a couple of pretty un-inspiring 150cc bikes for a couple of months, passed her full motorcycle test. First time. Something I failed to do.

She will contest this statement until she's blue in the face, but Charlotte is a great motorcycle rider. 48 hours after she passed her test, Char and I set off for Scotland on two bikes, both loaded with gear. She did fantastically.
In fact since this initial baptism of fire, Char has conquered every bike challenge that I set in front of her with great success.
She has wisely adopted my multi-motorcycle-ownership approach, and her current Honda XR650L is the seventh bike she's owned.


Something that Char struggles with, is the failure of people to recognise her as the independent rider and traveller that she is. The vast majority of people assume she can't/doesn't ride a bike, that she relies on me and that she's just tagging along behind me on this trip.
Which couldn't be further from the truth. She's at least as capable as the average male motorcyclist, and probably knows more of the mechanics!

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