Photos from USA   ( Sedona )
Saturday 24th April 2010 to 2nd May


Arizona is one of the few places where I'm not surprised, having to clear bullet shells to pitch our tent. One of the first camp nights we had in this state found an assault rifle magazine. This place is stacked chocka block with guns. This is turning into what sounds like a rant, I'm done.
Shoot all you want Arizonians.

Well that got off to a bit if a weird start eh.
Sedona was great, we camped all over and stayed a good deal longer than we'd planned. The landscape was pretty spectacular, and we found plenty to keep us amused.

There is only one McDonalds in the world that does not display the golden yellow arches sign, and it is here in Sedona. The folks at the city planning board said it wouldn't go with the red rocky theme of the town and surrounding landscape. Surprisingly McDonalds offered this light green colour scheme, and that was that.

For our last night in Sedona, we were joined by some top notch motorcyclist friends we met in Phoenix. I found a stonking deal on a huge bottle of vodka, and that seemed to shape the rest of the day. I tried making bare bottom photos look publicly acceptable with photoshop, and having failed, will leave them safely offline.

In the midst of inebriation, Allen offered not only to host us back in Phoenix for a week, but to treat me to some adventure dirt riding on one of his many KTM bikes, and then to truck us back up to the Grand Canyon. Not keen to pass up such an unbelievable offer, we called his bluff the next morning, only to find he was serious. Back to Phoenix, shaazaaaaam!

We've very rarely ridden as part of a group in America, but it was a pleasure to ride back south with these guys. They took us along interesting unpaved back roads, and we stopped for lunch in the quaint little town of Jerome. (I'm allowed to say quaint now, I've been in America for that long) (Also allowed to say restroom, potato-chips, highschool, douche bag and dumpster)


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