Photos from USA   ( Grand Canyon & Utah )
Tuesday 18th May 2010 to Monday 24th May 2010


Char had been wanting to see the Grand Canyon for months. I had reservations, with the feeling that these must-see tourist events are often a let down. But the canyon was pretty impressive.
On such a big scale that it didn't really look real to me. I had the same thought about how the hell nature managed to fluke making something like this as every other person does, and took the same photos as every other tourist does.
They probably do a better job, but here are mine anyway.

In a monumental splurge, we forked out the greenbacks for a helicopter ride. Neither Char or I had ever ridden one before, and this seemed as good a place as any to give it a go.
Which was well worth it, for me the novelty of this new vehicle was as much of a rush as the views and perspective. Char got to be co-pilot, and I fought for legroom with some friendly Germans.

One of our favorite motorcycle related problems, is the standard flat-tyre (tire) situation. I managed to squeeze in dozens of these in Russia, and figured Utah would be a nice backdrop for a few more.
For this particular scenario, I chose Charlottes rear (tyre), and a combination of leaking valve, and leaking patch (that I'd applied a few months previous).

This turned out to be good fun, and also had the benefit of providing entertainment for locals and Harley riders. I'm not sure if it's something about Utah, or something about Harley riders, but as we sweated over the repair process, between 50 and 70 Harley riders entered the carpark, saw us, and left without saying so much as howdy. So a big thank you to all you gentlemen.

In a bid to stand by my moral compass, I fixed the problem, and then gave our two week-long Grand Canyon passes to a pair of them. Who almost found it in themselves to say thank-you.
You're welcome, all part of the service!

One of the bonuses of this wheel play, was the contact that it encouraged with the local Native Indian population. Now I don't claim to be even marginally educated on this subject, but over the months we have spent in the States I have formed some kind of stereotype view. Without more than a handful of first hand experiences.
It was great to meet so many Indians of the Navajo tribe. They were friendly, quick to strike up a conversation, and happy to help. Thank you to you all, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Monument Valley was a splendid ride. More incredible natural formations that I tried to resolve against my college level geology.

Our first proper stop in Utah was Moab, where we stayed for a good few days. A great place to visit, and more bikes per block than I've seen anywhere else in America.

While in Moab we met Ara and Spirit, who have been living on the road in North America for 4 years.
We admired their beautiful vehicle and way of life.


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