Photos from USA   ( New Mexico )
Tuesday 25th May 2010 to 27th May


New Mexico was a place we felt we could live. Nothing like the barren desert lands we had expected at all. We came across the some of the highest passes we've ridden in North America, and found landscapes covered with trees.

We noticed these odd looking buildings from the road, and decided to investigate. Following signs for a visitor centre, we pulled up and spent a few hours learning about 'Earthships'.
Now I'd say this is bit of an unfortunate name for something that's already pretty out there, but it wasn't enough to put us off.

These amazing structures are built primarily from recycled materials, and designed to be as self sufficient as possible. They operate completely off the grid, generating their own electricity and collecting their own water supply. Rain water is gathered and filtered, before being used four times.
The fresh water is used for drinking, washing and cooking, the waste water from sinks etc is used for the watering indoor vegetable plants, and the excess from this process is used for flushing toilets.
The sewerage is processed outside, where a succession of plant filled pools clean it to the point it can be returned to the groundwater supply.

Char and I were blown away by this community. We've been thinking a lot over the last year about sustainability and ways of living in a more environmentally sound way.
I know it's a complete contradiction to be riding motorcycles and talking about pollution, but we're working on it.

From this Earthship community we went on to the town of Taos. We were so taken with this little town, there really is something about this area that appeals.

Not just the hippies and alternative thing, it just felt like there was something positive going on.


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