Photos from USA   ( Oklahoma )
Friday 28th May 2010 to 4th June


Unless we've got somewhere that we absolutely have to be, Char and I travel very slowly indeed. But this period of time was one of those times.
Our friend Sean was due in Memphis in the near future, and I was keen to get to the US Highland open day to meet Craig (a fellow adventure motorcyclist).

So we spent a couple of weeks covering ground, on the bikes pretty much everyday.
The central area of the States doesn't have a reputation of being all that interesting, and we certainly found the flat straight expanses of asphalt quite a grind.

I entertained myself rescuing tortoise's from the road. In no other place on this trip have I seen so many of these little reptiles. Here they almost seem like a pest, and we saw dozens of them splatted on the highway.



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