Photos from USA   ( HU Meet California )
Friday 25th September 2009 to Sunday 27th


'Horizons Unlimited' is an organisation that I have great respect for. It's like a motorcycle overland bible, only it's not. It's like a constantly updated encyclopedia of motorcycle travel. Hmm, not really. If you have any interest, have a look and see what you think. www.horizonsunlimited.com

Charlotte and I organised a Horizons Unlimited meeting in the UK a while before I left on this trip, and it was a real buzz. 60 or 70 motorcyclists with the same niche interest in long distance overland travel.

This meet was a bit bigger, but a lot better organised. Lots of presentations, great food, and at a superb location. Petrolia is in an area called the Lost Coast in Northern California. It's off the beaten track, and getting there requires riding some truly fantastic coastal roads.

The XRR I'd ridden from Tucson had developed a bit of an irratic idle problem, but with the expert knowledge of Grant Johnson (founder of Horizons Unlimited and ex-500cc two stroke motocross racer), I managed to get it dialed. Stripping the carb no fewer than four times, to clean out the crap that had somehow accumulated. Thanks Grant, much appreciated.

With my previous Horizons Unlimited involvement, and my agreement to do a presentation on the trip so far, Char and I were kindly offered free admission.
The presentation in front of such an audience worried me a little, but turned out just fine. People said some extremely kind words, and various folks offered a place to crash at their homes in the States.


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