Photos from USA   ( Washington )
Wednesday 11th November 2009 to 18th November


Sometimes the simplest things can make a day. After crossing back from Canada to USA we stopped at a freeway rest area, and just spent a couple of hours making something to eat, then reading and writing. Good to be out of the weather also. Char makes things from foliage.

I was put in touch with Alex through the mind boggling ADV website. Alex is a very interesting and extremely motivated chap, and a fellow member of the freakishly tall society. Char and I spent a few days with Alex in Bellingham, where he took the American hospitality commitment very seriously indeed.
Alex is a year or so off his big motorcycle trip, and I saw in him the same passionate enthusiasm that I had at this point in the planning. Good job Alex, have a great ride. Thanks for all did for us.

Don joined me for a daytrip back into Canada when I made the foolish mistake of leaving me washbag in Vancouver. The puncture demon I thought I'd left in Siberia made a re-appearance, and I had another 7 flats that day. It was cold and wet and thoroughly unpleasant. Don was a saint, and managed somehow to always see the adventure side of it. We returned late and cold, as I rode the last few miles on yet another flat rear tyre.
You can see the savage state of my tyre after being forced on and off so many times. In fact the tyre may be the source of most of these problems, it's the same one I picked up in Mongolia, and it's been nothing but trouble.

Don, Joni, Char and I drink Vodka.


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