Photos from USA   ( Off-road in Phoenix area )
Wednesday 5th May


Char and I stayed a long long time in Phoenix. Taking bikes apart, doing paperwork battle with 'Customs & border protection' and watching baseball. But a week or so after leaving we found ourselves back in this big City.

We spent a week or so camping in Sedona, and were joined by good friends that we met in Phoenix, Allen, Joy and Dillon. All three are avid dirt riding nuts, and did some great off road riding together in Sedona.

Back at camp, and after a quantity of vodka that would make my Russian friends proud, Allen invited us back to Phoenix. Allen has a garage full of KTM bikes, and knows the Arizona off road trails extremely well. It was too much of an offer to turn down, and after some careful bargaining with Char, it was settled.

I was allocated Allens newest aquisition, a 2009 KTM 300 XC-W. This turned out to be a bike capable of out-performing my abilities by quite a margin. It is a truly phenomenal machine, light, savagely powerful and with excellent handling. I spent half a day timidly on and off the throttlw, before gaining a bit of confidence and giving it a few beans.

Dillon was able to take a rare day off work and join us, and the three of had a blast. Both Dillon and I had run ins with the desert flora. I picked up the head of a 'jumping cactus' as I over-ran a corner, and spent a few minutes plucking what felt like barbed spines from my shoulder.
Dillon was less fortunate, and collided head on with a huge Saguaro, that left his jersey blood stained. We used what tools we had to pick the long spines out of his arm. Many had sheared off under the skin, which must have made for a very uncomfortable ride back to the truck.

A big thanks to Allen, Joy and Dillon. That was a great day. We thoroughly enjoyed out time in Phoenix. Look forward to seeing you again.


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