Photos from USA   ( Backroad Trip )
Sunday 21th March 2010 to 25th March


This was our third time into the States on this trip, and on all three visits we have been very kindly put up by Skye and Mary. We first met in Phoenix soon after Char and I met up, and when they moved to San Francisco we followed and continued to make a nuisance of ourselves. Big thanks guys, it's been a pleasure.
Skye had some time off work, and we dragged him along with us for a couple days road trip. Kicked things off with a breakfast visit to Alice's cafe, the big local motorcycle hang out.

Char and I headed off into backcountry. On the smallest roads we could find, we discovered incredible natural beauty. Spring time and the wild flowers gave the landscape these absurdly bright spatters of colour. It looked just like the ultra neon bright spray paint of an amateur graffiti artist.


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