The XR650L is jetted very lean in stock form, and re-jetting is a good idea.

I replaced the stock filter with a Twin-Air foam alternative that I have used before, and not had problems with.

I replaced the whole exhaust system with a more free-flowing after-market setup.

I also removed the smog pump and charcoal canister.

All this allows the engine to breathe a lot easier, and as a result the already lean carburation is even leaner.

There are countless threads all over the internet on how to do this. You can buy larger jets individually, or as I did, you can buy a kit with replacement needle, spring and jets. I went for the 'Dyno-Jet Stage 1 Kit'

There is a tab on the mixture screw that hits a stop on the carb body and prevents you altering the mixture beyond a certain point. This can be ground off to make adjustment easier.

I went one step further and replaced the phillips head screws with socket cap heads.






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