This mod was two-fold; stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and a free flowing silencer for more power.   More power isn`t something usually associated with overlanding, but this bike is so lazily tuned it needs is.

I found a new FMF header on American Ebay, which happened to be a powerbomb (I`m sure this is a gimmick), but was cheap as chips.   I was lucky with getting all these after-market parts... As I was importing the bike myself, I ordered boxes and boxes of stuff, got it sent to the bike dealer in New York, and had it shipped all together.

The bits were far cheaper in America, I didn`t pay any extra in shipping, and ended up paying no import taxes.   Happy days.

So I went with FMF powerbomb s/s header, and an FMF powercore silencer.

I put a White Brothers E series exhaust on my last XRL, and it was obscenely loud.   This FMF system is still too loud really.   I`m thinking of swapping ıt out with an FMF Q pipe if and when I get to America.

Only complaint is that the header touches the oil drain bolt.

I added silicone gasket all round during assembly.

This exhaust also sits in really nice and tight to the bike. The White Brothers system stuck out quite a bit.





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