This mod was a lot of work.   It could easily be argued that it`s not necessary, and that riding at night should be avoided anyway.

I say that riding at night is pretty much inevitable, and these puppies turn night into day.   I`m relieved I put them on, I love the look, and the fact the setup is a one off.

I was on a bike holiday in Cambodia over Christmas and New Years of 2007/8, and hired a Honda XR250 Baja.   I loved the lights, and set about searching for a pair for sale.   I tracked down a quality French chap running a bike hire/tour business, he sourced a few pairs of Baja lights, and sold me a set at an almost fair price.

The hardest bit of the install was getting everything to clear the big Acerbis 22l tank.

The only worry I have is that the lights are stamped 35W, which I assume refers to the bulb wattage.   I put 60W Xenon bulbs in, but all OK so far.   No sign of melting.

Installation went like this;

  • Remove all the existing lighting parts
  • Remove headlight mount bracket
  • Make replacement plate to secure clocks
  • Bolt up lights to triple clamp
  • Turn bars and mark where the light frame fouls
  • Remove great chunk of the light frame so it clears the tank
  • Weld thick ali gussetts to the light frame to strengthen
  • Mark where brake line fouls light frame
  • Remove offending part of frame
  • Weld thick ali gussetts to the light frame to strengthen
  • Make and weld on tabs for 2 relays to bolt up
  • Make and weld plate to keep water spray away from electrics
  • Grind and polish everything back flush
  • Clean and powdercoat matt black
  • Solder and crimp a load of wiring between H4 bulbs and relays
  • Run new wiring from battery, chop into existing lighting wiring
  • Connect it all, and it`s good to go!




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