With all the extra load I was putting on the charging system (Baja lights, heated grips, GPS power supply and Aux power supply), I was keen to get a higher output stator.

However I made the mistake of deciding to source this from a company called 'Electrex World' who specialise in after market vehicle electronics.

I must stress first that my account probably doesn`t represent the average customer experience with this company.

They sent the stator to me within a couple of days, which was great.

But it was the wrong one and didn`t fit my bike.

The process of getting one that did fit, was very long, and made me want to bash myself in the face with a spade.

Their attitude to customer service was a combination of the brick-wall approach, rudeness, lying and hiding.

I would sooner be stuck with no electrical system, stranded far from human habitation in some deeply in-hospitable environment, than deal with Electrex World again.

I had a few problems with a leaking starter-gear-gasket after this modification, which I am sure was no ones fault but my own. If I tightened up the bolts that hold the cover, the gears became clamped and the starter would not turn over the engine. Leaving them loose allowed oil to leak.

In the end I cut a second gasket and added this in.

The three-phase regulator/rectifier provided with the stator, was a challenge to locate, due to the larger tank I had fitted. In the end I welded two short lengths of M6 stud (allthread) to the frame, but even with this, the positioning had to be absolutely precise, and the unit even had to be on an angle (not parallel with the frame member) to fit properly.





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