This one took quite a while, but I am a perfectionist, and I wanted the setup to be tough as old boots.

As far as I`m concerned, a vital mod.   The standar 10 litre tank is good for nothing, and made of metal.

There are a few options for bigger after-market tanks, and I went for the 22l Acerbis.   The mounting bits that it comes with are shocking.   It amazes me that companies that are percieved to be professional market leaders in their field can provide such absolute crap.   Even the instructions looked like they were an old photocopy of a fax.

So I set about doing my own thing.   I fırst figured out where I needed to position the tank, in order to miss everything at full lock (as far back as possible).

As this tank is not really intended for this model and year of bike, I had to grind off the bosses that hold the rubber doughnuts in place, as these were too wide for the tank.   I also ground off the elephant ears from the front down member of the frame.

I then cut out cardboard patterns that pick up on all three tapped mounting holes on the inside of the tank, and reach down towards the frame. Surprisingly these need to be handed, as the tank is not symetrical.

Because I`m a geek I drew up an improved rear bracket, using solidworks. İ got this laser cut from 303 stainless and CNC folded.

Then all was left to do was weld on five mild steel bosses; 2 on each side of the front downward member of the frame (oil filled part), and one just behind the tank to bolt my new bracket to.

I used a drill and grinder to transfer the cardboard patterns to 5mm Aluminium, and had these powdercoated.   The bosses I welded to the frame, I painted with silver Hammerite.

I cut up an inner tube to use as a buffer between tank mount plates and the palstic tank.   I also used stainless fasteners all round.





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